Hello! Nice to meet you! My name is Kadie Ward. Kadie Ward

I’m Founder of an international economic development organization, Build Strong Cities, that helps cities plan and promote their local economic growth.  Working with cities in North America, the Caribbean, Ukraine, the Netherlands and Vietnam, I create and active international campaigns aimed at attracting foreign direct investment, workforce, and tourism.

My social and digital media campaigns have ranked in the top 5 Canadian Cities Online Marketing Index, have been awarded the Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Marketing Excellence, and ranked in the top 5 international campaigns by Foreign Direct Intelligence Magazine (a Financial Times Publication).

I’m thrilled to be teaching Social Media for Organizations because I have seen first hand how solid digital communications can have a positive impact. I’m also a FIMS graduate and super pumped to be teaching in the faculty that gave me so much opportunity!

This course will be less pedagogical than most of your other university courses.  I manage my classroom like I would manage my team.  When you finish this course I want you to not only feel confident in planning and implementing social media for organizations, but also comfortable in working in professional settings.

A few notes about course logistics.

1) Lecture notes and course readings will be posted on this blog.  By Thursday at 5pm you will have notes and links to articles for the following week’s discussion.

2) Course discussion will happen in class and through Edmodo.  Group login info will be listed on OWL and given in class.

3) I sometimes have to travel for work, which means classes will be held online.  I’ll either pre-recored a lecture for you to watch or listen to, or arrange a group Skype call, webinar, or some other platform to connect. My priority is to make sure you leave the course armed with the content to succeed.  If I have to miss a class, I won’t compromise your learning experience.

4) Assignments and their due dates will never change.  What may change is the order in which we cover the topics.  For instance, if a crazy important topic is scheduled for a week I end up having to travel, I’ll substitute a subject that is more suitable to online learning so I can be in-class face-2-face for the crazy important topic.  Arming you with the best information is my priority.

Below are links to my social media – I’d love to connect with you on these platforms, so follow and let me know your in #DC3209!






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