Social Media Plan (50%)

Throughout the term you will construct, implement, and evaluate a Social Media Marketing Plan for a club, group, or organization. The plan will be implemented and monitored by you throughout the term.

As we cover relevant topics in class you will be expected to integrate them into your Social Media Marketing Plan.

The plan will be iterative and will evolve throughout the term.

Because we will create content that will be used in an actual campaign, you must select a club, group, or organization that will give you access to their social media platforms. If you are part of a club that does not use social media, what a great opportunity to start!

Structure and details of this assignment will be discussed in class and posted on Edmodo.

Social Media in the Media (20%)

McDonald’s, Tourism Sweden, and Southwest Airlines provide recent examples of what can go wrong for organizations when launching a social media campaign. Students are expected to find a recent (within the last two years) social media scandal and provide:

  • The intention of the campaign and how it aligned with the organization goals (100 words)
  • Examples of which social media tools and how they were used in the campaign: which platforms, how integrated was it etc. (150 – 200 word discussion with references to social media posts).
  • How the public and media responded to the campaign (200 word discussion with references to actual posts made).
  • How the organization responded to the public (100 words or unintended feedback)
  • An overall statement about the effectiveness of the campaign. Afterall, is bad press still good press? (100 words).

Students will deliver a 5 minute presentation in-class and submit an executive summary of the incident.

Participation (30%)

Students are expected to participate in Edmodo and in class.

Similar to Facebook, Edmodo has a “wall” where group members can share comments and posts. You are expected to participate in discussions on the wall, and share content as you see fit.

In your posts on the wall, critically reflect on the week’s readings, the discussions we have in class, and or your own observations about the topic we are discussing.

Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll find the content so interesting you’ll be bursting with things to say about it! Posts are meant to be your reflection so can be casual in style and presentation in first person voice.

Assignment submission: Assignments are generally due in class on the day listed, unless otherwise noted on the assignment handout. Assignments should be handed in via Edmodo. Blogs are to be submitted online via posting on your site. Please include your name and your student number on the first page of your assignment.

Extensions, late work, etc.: Although I realize that emergencies are a part of life, please try to contact me in advance if possible you need an extension on an assignment. Extensions will only be granted for family emergencies, illnesses, and other University-recognized legitimate reasons for that is simply late without an acceptable reason will not be accepted. In all cases, I will be more likely to work with you if you communicate openly with me about your situation.


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