Course Description
How do organizations use digital and social media to engage with their audiences and build a community? This course looks at the strategic and tactical uses of social media in organizational settings. Throughout the course we discuss what types of tools may be used and how best to leverage them for organizational purposes. This course provides hands-on experience with building, evaluating, and using social media tools such as blogs and social networking websites within an organizational context.

Course procedures/communications:

Class content will be shared through digital platforms. Both a blog, and social tool called Edmodo (www.edmodo.com) will be used. Login for Edmodo will be given the first day of class and posted on OWL.

Each week I will post lecture notes with links to relevant readings for the upcoming week’s lecture. The blog with the following week’s readings will be posted no later than Thursday at 5:00. A link to the blog will also be posted on Edmodo. The blog post will include the readings for the following week’s lecture.

There are no books needed for this course. Readings will be a curated list of articles or online resources that will be linked in the lecture blog.

Students are expected to participate in Edmodo and other social tools – including their current social platforms. Please make full use of Edmodo to communicate with me and with each other. If you have course-related questions that are not of a personal nature, please use Edmodo to ask them. The chances are high that other students have the same questions!

To contact me privately, please do not email me. Instead, send me a private message via Edmodo.

Be sure to check Edmodo throughout the week. As I find interesting posts I share them. I encourage you to post anything of interest you find as well. Use of and engagements with Edmodo will be reflected in your participation grade.




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