Week 2: Organizations

Hey Gang,

Nice to meet you earlier this week!

At the end of my lecture on Monday I asked: what is an organization and are organizations social?

Next week we’ll answer these questions in class and through our Edmodo discussions.

This coming week we are going to define “organizations”, including the different types and structures. Then we will spend some time considering the general business environment. For those of you who haven’t taken any BMOS courses, this lecture will help set the context: in order to understand social media in organizations we need to have some baseline  understanding of what organizations are!  And, I argue that you need to have baseline understanding of the general business environment since social media and marketing are, after all, a general function of business.

Short of assigning a chapter from a business management textbook, there really isn’t one article or source that provides a great overview.  One of my students in this class last term wrote a fabulous blog outlining my lecture on organizations.  It’s a great primer so,   CHECK IT OUT!!!

For the “reading” I’ve constructed a little “DIY” social learning project.  I’ve set up a shared google doc.  Since it’s open you won’t need to set up a gmail account or google docs account.  You can take THIS DIRECT LINK to the page where you will find twenty four key terms that will shape our discussion next Monday.  Please select one term and define it.  Instructions are included on the google doc.  You need to cite three sources and your answer should be 150 – 200 words.

If you haven’t used google docs before, you simply just open and edit.  Please include your name with the term you define.  Also, come to class prepared to discuss the term you defined.


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